You've asked for it, so here it is, our colour gallery.

Please note that all colours will display differently depending on lighting (daylight, fluorescent light, LED light). We have done our best to capture the colours in resin samples, to give the most accurate result. For examples of our colours in action, visit our Facebook page

If you want a specific colour not listed below, simply select ‘custom colour’, and make a note at checkout  

Most popular keepsake options:



1. Turquoise, Opal, Sodalite.
2.Pearl shimmer, White fleck, Diamond shimmer, silver fleck.
3.Black fleck, Crystal Shimmer, Kyanite (light blue).
4. Hematite, Peacock Ore, Gold fleck.




Resin pigment pastes:


Blue lustre

Black - opaque


Coral Opaque

 Navy Opaque

Fuchsia lustre

Red opaque

Saffron lustre

Yellow Opaque
Grass Green Opaque White Opaque
Bright Gold Rich Gold

Mica powders - add lustre as well as colour:

  Crystal shimmer, our most popular option for breastmilk jewellery. Gives a pearl like finish
Blue mica powder, great for ocean themes
Diamond mica, adds shimmer or a silvery colour



  Mermaid: Colour shift, blue to purple