About Us

Creating a unique piece of keepsake jewellery, from the heart. We specialise in commemorating your loved ones, with individually designed pieces you can wear to keep them close.

My name is Janine, and I am the main creator behind WD. This business started when we were living in the beautiful suburb of Wirlinga, near Albury in New South Wales. We relocated to Cairns, Queensland, in July 2020.

I am a wife and mother to two boys, and one fur-baby. I also work as a Compliance Officer, and have a background in Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals. My husband, Jade, is the man behind the big machines - our 3D printer and  our CNC machine.

So why keepsake jewellery? It all started with me decided that I needed a hobby, something for me to do, just for me (as a stressed out Mum to two under 2, plus working full time, of course I had time!). Initially I started painting, this lead onto resin work, then wood work. I had someone ask me to work with some hair in resin with wood, and the rest is basically history. I use my knowledge of chemistry to help me along the way.

My favourite part of the process is working with you to create something you will absolutely love. I love a challenge, and have been amazed by the entire experience. I have even had time to create some pieces for myself, from my dearly departed, who I now keep close. I love that I have been able to express myself so creatively, and help people at the same time. 

A big move forward for the business in the last year has been running resin workshops. I have finally started teaching again, and I love it. Keep an eye out for session times, they tend to run for a few weeks, then I have a bit of a break. Working 7 days is hard!

I look forward to creating with you in the future